Digital Corporate Kit

Celerity A Electronic Corporate Kit

Maintain all your customized entity documents in PDF format.

Electronic corporate kits include a PDF of your corporate seal, certificates, and transfer ledger. Order optional physical seal and archival paper.

Contents of the Celerity Electronic LLC and Corporation Kits
20 certificates: membership unit, percent or representative certificate for LLC and common share certificates for corporations. Numbered 1 to 20, and a specimen certificate, customized with the state, entity name, certificate designation and signature titles ready to be issued by entries in your computer. Image of seal printed on the certificate. Print certificates with a color printer to create the colored border.

Assignment form: may be printed on the reverse side of the certificate.
Full-page stub: fillable PDF
Transfer ledger pages: fillable PDF
Seal images: for printing on labels (purchased separately)
Operating Agreement or Minute and Bylaws

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Blumberg Electronic Corporate Kit

The nations largest kit largest provider

Electronic LLC Kit Model Operating Agreements for Any State
Prepared by Victor S. Elgort, Esq., Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P  A. Revised in 2016.

Six forms included plus a Comparative Features List to help you choose the appropriate form:
a) Single-member, member-governed,
b) Single-member, manager governed,
c) Basic one class percentage interests
d) Standard form one class percentage interests,
e) Long-form, one class, percentage interests, buy-sell provisions,
f) Long-form, two members, one class, percentage interests, buy-sell provision
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NY Operating Agreements
Prepared by Lauris G. L. Rall and Tim Santoli, Dentons US LLP. Revised in 2016.

4 versions: member managed single member, manager managed single member, member managed multiple member and manager managed multiple member with consent of members, consent of managers and company regulations. Click for more Information.

Model Minutes and Bylaws

A thorough set of documents to complete the organization of the corporation with organization resolution adopted by consent or meeting a full set of bylaws, and post organization documents for annual and succeeding corporate activities. Includes a helpful Tax Supplement, Medical Dental Reimbursement Plan, with special meeting forms to adopt it, and a corporate record tickler form to provide at-a-glance critical information about the corporation. Click for more Information.